Saturday, August 3, 2013

[Birthday Bash] Get the Party Started ...

Hello Neat & Tangled folks. If you're coming over here and are new, welcome welcome! We are in for some fun this month. How do you get a party started? Well I personally love to pull some good music, because fun music keeps the energy going and set the mood. So today we're doing a fun little collage of the Design Team's favorite music selections.

Amy is loving The Lumineers. Check her pick out.

Charlene is pulling out the party moves with a Pittbull ft. Christina Aguilera (I so love this song!)

What about this fun little one by FUN ft. Janelle Monáe? Maybe something that Barb could go along with...

Curious to know what Danielle loves?

June is sure to be at your party when you play either this little song....

or this song

(Let me assure you tho, that June is happily married. Her dude put a ring on it ;)

and I am currently rocking it out to Icano Pop - perhaps not the best message in the lyrics, but it's super catchy and perfect for a summer party.

oooh and I kept hearing this song in the car. After looking it up I discovered it was Miley Cyrus - Ha! - that sang all about partying. Perfect! Then I saw the video for the first time, and must say I do not care for it at all. So just listen to the tune ;)

After enduring our great (or horrible) taste in music (depending on your perspective), we want to give you a chance to share with us your favorite party tune.

Party Music Challenge
  • Create a blog post with your favorite party tune(s)
  • Grab our Birthday Bash Banner so that we can spot you easily
  • Link up yout post below
  • The link is open until August 11, 11:55p Eastern Time
  • We will draw a random winner for every 10 links for a small Little Tangles prize. For example, if 11 people enter, we will draw 1 random prize. If 20 people enter, we will draw 2 prizes.
  • The Little Tangles Prize is a free bag of sequins, winner's choice.
Have fun with this!

PS. If you don't already know, the Neat & Tangled blog is having a giveaway. And for every purchase, Danielle is adding a special mini stamp.


  1. Awesome choices! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone links up! ;)

  2. What a fun giveaway and blog post!!!!! Love the music choices!! And I really can't wait to get crafty now! I do my best work when I have fun music to listen too!

  3. What AWESOME idea to get the party started! I love all the song inspirations from DT! PARTY!!!!!

  4. fun way to start the party!!!

    i must say i feel old old old as i don't know any of those songs!! lol

  5. I'm with Rose. I am too old.....didn't know any of the ones you mentioned.

    I don't have a blog, but I am lately into the old Elton John classics. Love seeing these old rockers. THEY CAN ROCK!! Check out: Oh, I am sooooo back in the 70s!!! :D
    <3 J

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  7. @Janis - no worries about not having a blog. thanks for adding your music choice to our comments! I do love Elton. he has some very awesome classics.

  8. Janis, I too love Elton John! Party with Crocodile Rock :)

    1. Oh, great choice!! That's the one back in 1972-3 that got me on to Elton and his band. Yes, I am that old! lol... LAAAAA ------ LA - LA - LA - LA - LAAA ..... Party on!

  9. super fun, I'll be back to play and can't wait to see what everyone else links up!